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Our purpose built products are proudly designed, engineered, manufactured, assembled, finished, and tested right here in Washington State. From concept to dry paint we can do it all. Got a wild idea? Bring it to us, it'll feel right at home.

Welding & Fabrication

Booms, blades, cabs, doors, catwalks, you name it, we can build it. Forestry tough, everything we build we build to last. Built right, built here.

Image by Pete Wright
CNC Machining
Image by Sven Daniel

CNC Machining

From fully computer automated, to hand built craftsmanship we machine everything we can in house. 

Laser Cuting

Laser cutting & forming

We bring in mill run steel and send out finished machines. Handling the steel in house allows us to control design and timelines.

Image by Clayton Cardinalli
Mechanical & Hydraulic Design

Mechanical & Hydraulic Design

We handle all our design and engineering in-house, including our hydraulic systems from pumps to valves, motors, lines and cylinders. 

Electrical Wiring & Systems

Electrical Wiring & Systems

We design and build our electrical systems, panels and wire harnesses. Including custom machine harnesses, assembled, and braided the right way, right here.

Image by Carlos Gonzalez

Industrial Painting

Our industrial painters have a wealth of experience and knowledge, equipped with the best equipment and materials available. Our machinery paint quality is second to none.

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