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We build solutions.

Our purpose built 50 foot swing yarder. Built on a 450 class lower and available in two or three drum configurations with static and hydraulic guylines. Easy to move. Productive. Stable. Fast.

Available on flat bottom shovels or 870 leveling base machines. Boom mounted two drum configuration. Simple that spools. Power, speed and stability that leaves a traditional yoder in the dust. 

Completely reimagined Thunderbird 255 from the frame up. Repowered, fully hydraulic, infinitely controllable, easy to run, stable, fast. 


Available in high speed and high pull configurations. Falling, shoveling, high production skidding; our winch assist produces. Simple, proven performance. 

Our over/under yoder is anything but traditional. Stabilizing blade, fully programmed hydraulic control system and winch configuration gets the most from a yoder while allowing for the use of the grapple. 

Fully self contained tong tossing package replaces your heel rack and can be configured for a variety of machines. Versatile, simple, proven.

Hydraulic grapple carriage designed to get the most from your hydraulic yarder. Excellent communication and live video operators love. Innovative, productive, proven. 

From demolition to confined space long reach we design, build and support custom solutions. 

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