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About Us

Summit was founded by a logger, looking for a solution. Since 2004 we've been focused on designing and building innovative machinery to make logging safer, more dependable, and more productive.

Our people are the difference

Summit products are the most innovative and highest quality on the market because we have the best people. Period. Our engineers, machinists, welders, fabricators, painters, assemblers, mechanics, and managers are what's behind our reputation as one of the top innovators in the forestry industry. We're dedicated to building a safer, more productive industry, and it all starts with being focused on the backbone of logging - the contract logger.

Growing from one to now over forty of the best specialists in the industry, we're always looking for the most talented, hardest working people out there. If you like working hard, finding solutions, and being at the cutting edge of our industry, we should talk.

Green Forest

Eric Krume

Eric has been a logger for 40 years and founded Summit in 2004 after looking for a solution that didn't exist - the self contained tong tosser. He couldn't find what he needed, so he did what all contract loggers have to do, he found a way. At night in his garage he built the first self contained tong tosser, which led to building them for his fellow loggers. Then moving into building yoders the company continued to grow, leading to the formation and exponential growth of Summit Attachments.

Today Eric is wholly focused on Summit. Intimately involved in all aspects of the business from design, engineering, manufacturing, delivery, training and service he continues to do what the contract logger does every day - he shows up early, stays late, and finds a way.

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