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Current Inventory

We offer quality used forestry equipment and consignment services in addition to

available new machine builds.


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Cable Machines

2015 Doosan 350 Yoder


Job ready over / under yoder package.

Pullmaster HL25 sky & skid drums

Pullmaster H12 haywire drum

forestry cab, Jewell boom 

and forestry guarding package.

Good undercarriage, fresh service.

11,400 frame hrs

(360) 480-8110
Anchor 1

Thunderbird 6240


New skyline bull gear

New top sheaves and guyline dogs

Recent engine work

Includes: Boman 9100 with new motor, 

Eagle 4 with intermediate support jacks, 

2 sets of electric chokers, all associated rigging.

(360) 480-8110

Thunderbird 6250


Very nice interlock yarder.

Cat 3176c power, Allison trans, CAT 325 lower. 3 guyline. New 1" skyline. Comes with mechanical grapple and carriage. 110,000lbs.

(360) 480-8110


2018 Tigercat 635G


Winch assist ready 6wd skidder

Foam filled tires

Front chains . Rear tracks

XL Fuel Tank

Box tong grapple


(360) 480-8110

2017 Tigercat 635G


Winch assist ready 6wd skidder

Tracks front and rear

XL Fuel Tank

Box tong grapple


(360) 480-8110

2020 Tigercat 635H


Winch assist ready 6wd skidder

Tracks front and rear

XL Fuel Tank. Box tong grapple

with replaceable tips.


(360) 480-8110


2018 Link-Belt 3740TLW


Great running loading shovel, ready to go to work. 2 bar pads. Summit grapple. Forestry cab. 10,000hrs.

(360) 480-8110

2020 Link-Belt 4640TLW


Low hour shovel. High/wide undercarriage with single bar grousers. Young grapples. Job ready.


(360) 480-8110

2004 Link-Belt 370LXTL


Straight, good running shovel. Pierce boom and guarding package, with Jewell grapple. Good undercarriage. 


(360) 480-8110

2016 Doosan 380LL


Really clean and dry with lots of recent work. New Engine, pumps, swing motors.

Single bar undercarriage in very good shape. Jewel grapple.


(360) 480-8110


2012 Tigercat 880 / 624C


Very clean Tigercat with a Waratah 624C. Just serviced, very good undercarriage with single bar grousers. Job ready. 


(360) 480-8110

2021 Link-Belt 4640

Southstar 605


Low hour clean machine.

Very stable, with excellent performance.

2 bar pads. Live heel. Well maintained.


(360) 480-8110

2018 Link-Belt 4040

Southstar 600


Extremely clea, well maintained machine.

High performance machine with long arms

and hanging bracket. Job ready.

(360) 480-8110

2012 Link-Belt 350X2

Waratah 624C


Running processor with forestry cab,

catwalks, live heel, good undercarriage. 

Ready to work.


(360) 480-8110
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